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PT Anagata Dhia Karya Mandiri (ADHIKARI)


ADHIKARI was established by dynamic and energetic professionals who are passionate and committed to take part in infrastructure development in Indonesia.
Our company consists of experienced experts who have long been involved in the world of infrastructure development and information technology.
Doing innovation with integrity is the heart of our services in providing sustainable solution for clients.
Our Vision:
Become a leading consulting firm, focused on infrastructure and information technology with strong impact and contribution in providing better infrastructure and facilities for communities in Indonesia.
Our Mission:
Take part in the development of infrastructure in Indonesia, particularly on Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme, covering initiation, design, and implementation.
Involved in providing solution of infrastructure and information technology problems in local and national level.
Become the anchor of infrastructure development information in Indonesia.
Support public welfare improvement through provision of sustainable infrastructure and technology.
Adhikari infrastructure consultant division provides management and engineering consultancy services to assist and accelerate infrastructure development in Indonesia. Our team has comprehensive experience in the field of PPP Project and Community Development, especially in commercial business district development, transportation, water supply, and sanitation sector.
Our services in infrastructure cover:
▪ Market research;
▪ PPP project preparation and transaction advisory;
▪ Feasibility study and engineering design;
▪ Monitoring and evaluation for infrastructure facilities & operation;
▪ Project implementation assistance, especially for PPP project and community development; and
▪ Business and management study.
We always put our efforts to look the project from many points of view, not only technical aspect, but also from other aspects perspective such as regulation, institution, financial, and environment, in order to provide comprehensive results for clients.

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