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PT Anhe Konstruksi Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as "the company") is a trans-national company specializing in the construction of the Hydropower Station project, which is involved in the entire hydropower industry chain business such as investment, survey, design, construction, installation, scientific research, operation and maintenance, marketing.

The company focusing on the integration of hydropower resources, has created a unique design concept, mastered the systematic management methods for the construction and operation of hydropower stations, cultivated a large number of skilled professionals who keep working hard and dreaming, gathered a close-knit expert-oriented core management team, formed a systematic and very cost-effective hydropower resource integration solution in near thirty years.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "general contracting, optimum design, short construction period, low price, honesty and trustworthiness", the company has obvious comparative advantages in the construction of small and medium hydropower Stations. The Company has set records in multiple hydropower projects, enjoying the reputation of “small and medium-sized hydropower resources integration expert”.

The company and management team have successively built more than 70 small and medium-sized hydropower stations, with self-owned installed capacity of nearly 300MW, installed more than 160 water turbine generator and substation devices; erected more than ten power transmission lines of 220Kv or below, and constructed tunnels of more than 300 kilometers in total. Our projects are located in many provinces such as Sichuan, Tibet, Shaanxi, Yunnan and other provinces, as well as Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Nepal, Congo (Kinshasa) and other countries; the investment territory expands to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa.

The company always attaches great importance to the cultivation of the management team, has formed a management concept of strengthening the enterprise with talents and managing the enterprise with experts, and constantly gathers industry elites to form the company management team. At present, the company's core management team has rich experience and reasonable structure, and is composed of high-level talents in various fields such as water conservancy and hydropower engineering, law, finance, taxation, and business management. Under the leadership of the core management team, the company has made remarkable achievements in the field of international project investment and operation and the construction of small and medium hydropower stations, and has obvious comparative advantages.

The company always take the responsibility of making the partners bigger and stronger and allowing them to get much higher income than the market level, stick to the original intention of “focused, professional, and dedicated”, adhere to the core values of “joint creation, concerted progress, common responsibility, and shared achievements”, and actively seek extensive cooperation with all walks of life

in order to efficiently integrate hydropower resources of high quality. So far, the company has established strategic partnerships with a number of domestic large central government owned enterprises and state-owned enterprises, as well as multinational governments and corporate organizations around the world.

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