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TBS Energi Utama, originally established with a strong foundation in coal mining, has
embarked on a transformative journey towards green business and clean energy. After
successfully developing three coal mining assets, TBS initially expanded into the power
sector by investing in the construction of two Coal Fired Power Plants (CFPPs). This
diversification was aimed at creating a more sustainable source of income and marked
the beginning of our transformation into an integrated energy company.
In recent years, TBS has significantly sharpened its focus on sustainable development.
We have strategically reinvested cash flows from our fossil fuel businesses into
low-carbon and innovative green businesses across South East Asia. Our expansion
includes significant investments in renewable energy projects, the electric vehicle
sector, and waste management, reflecting our commitment to environmental
stewardship and our transition towards a green business model.
Our strategy is rooted in the vision of becoming the leading integrated energy company
in Indonesia, centered on sustainability. This vision is embodied in our 'Towards a Better
Society 2030' (TBS2030) commitment, which sets ambitious goals in key areas such as
reducing greenhouse gas emissions and emission intensity, to support the global and
national targets of net-zero emissions by 2060.

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