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a) Producing sketches and sample designs.
b) Using specialist computer software to assist with designs.
c) Attending and exhibiting designs at trade fairs.
d) Presenting designs and samples to customers for evaluation.
e) Negotiating contracts.
f) Keeping up to date with fashion and textile design trends. researching fashion trends for the next season – colours, designs and fabrics
g) taking into account the cost and quality of yarns, dyes and materials
h) trying out different colours, textures and fabrics
i) producing designs, usually by computer-aided design (CAD) software but occasionally by hand, to show to clients
j) working with technicians, making samples to show design companies or individual clients
k) working to requirements laid down by a manufacturer
l) keeping up to date with new designs and production methods, such as rotary and flat bed printing
m) specialising in one area, such as clothing, furnishing fabrics or hand crafted textiles
n) attending trade shows and researching new fabrics and designs.

a) Minimum 2 years experience in Textile Designer
b) Minimum education D3/S1 Textile Design Set in Textile Design and Fashion Stylist.
c) Have the ability to design skills, textile designer, fashion stylist, corel, photoshop / illustrator and the like
d) Understanding the garment industry (Textile Designer)
e) Follow fashion trends Know the type of fabric Know the technical print / sewing / screen printing / pattern Able to implement ideas / concepts of design into a good product.
f) Target oriented and have good time management.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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