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China Construction Fourth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd. (also known as "CCFED") was established in Guizhou in 1962. With more than 30.000 employees, it is the only main large-scale company headquartered in Guangzhou. CSCEC4 has been in Indonesia since the Aceh tsunami in 2004, where we rebuilt over 60 schools and provided classrooms for students affected by the disaster. Since then, CSCEC4 has participated in the construction of toll roads, industrial estates, satellite cities, high-level commercial towers, industrial refinery, and residential development. Amongst other CSCEC4 subsidiaries across the globe, Indonesia is classified as the first tier, the main representative of CSCEC focusing on gathering resources, responding ti market demand precisely, and enabling the country to possess the following 4 features: having constant productivity, a substantial business scale, good profitability and good branding.