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Equnix Business Solutions (Equnix) is an IT Solution Provider delivering alternative solutions for Corporations to achieve more resilience and independence in IT. Our solution is based on research and heavily uses Open-source software, especially in IT Infrastructure such as RDBMS, OS, Network, Filesystem, Security, etc. We strive to help our clients gain independence, freedom, and sovereignty. We have served over 200 Projects/Clients Corporations and saved over 500 billion IDR in foreign exchange.

A marketing administrator is expected to have the following skills: good analysis, mature and professional communication, teamwork, and high learning enthusiasm. Equnix believes that effective learning comes from a humble mental attitude, critical and logical thinking, a marketer has an interest in developing insights and sharing with others, thinking strategically to achieve goals according to the plans that have been planned. It is equally important to have good English skills.


  1. Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in any field.

  2. Humble and open minded

  3. High willingness to learn.

  4. Discipline, keen to detail, creative, and communicative.

  5. Work experience is not necessary. 

  6. Passionate about the field of Marketing and Sales.

  7. Able to operate Google Workspace.

  8. Good time management.

  9. Willing to travel on business.

  10. Have analytical and systematic thinking.


  1. Learn the world of Marketing, Business, and Entrepreneurship

  2. Carry out tasks with responsibility and have ownership of the work

  3. Develop a positive attitude, careful and systematic mindset

  4. Carry out administrative duties properly

  5. Carry out task planning with coordination and a predetermined strategy

  6. Develop a strategic plan based on the established objectives

  7. Work and communicate in accordance with the established guidelines

  8. Help build, maintain, and expand relationships with clients as a link between the company and the external market

  9. Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset by thinking creatively and innovatively to identify business opportunities

You can also directly fill out the online test to join us through this link: https://equnix.asia/career/test/ 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
30 April 2024

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