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[OPEN REGISTRATION] ABeam Consulting Special Course: Business Analytics Consulting

ITB Career Center & ABeam Consultant
07 February 2024



[Ready to Kickstart your Journey as an Analytics Consultant?]

In collaboration with ITB Career Center, this year, ABeam Consulting Indonesia is back with its Special Course: Business Analytics Consulting

Equip yourself with understanding of fundamental analytics approaches, as well as the hands-on utilization of machine learning tools to solve real-life business applications.

About ABeam Consulting

ABeam Consulting is regarded as one of the top management consulting firms, with presence across 73 countries and more than 6,500 professionals. ABeam Consulting provides a variety of services to client companies in various industries, assists them in business transformation and global expansion.

Course Description:

This course provides fundamental analytics and machine learning methodologies with real-life application case in business consulting process. By learning the basic of statistics, machine learning and experiencing some analytics projects as exercise, students will acquire knowledge and skills in consulting and data analysis.

Eligible Students:

  • ITB Students in Bachelor 4th year or Master 2nd year.

Other requirement:

  • It is desirable to have taken a class on basic statistics or data analysis

Starting date:

Wed, 7th February 2024

(Every Wednesday evening)

Further details will be announced later

Participants privileges:

Excellent-performing students will receive preferential treatment in the hiring selection process of ABeam Consulting

Application deadline:

Wed, 31th January 2024

** When we are oversubscribed, only selected students will participate


PLEASE REGISTER THROUGH THIS LINK : https://forms.gle/tasGm6PWuFUKa6ht6

Please fill the form below then click the "Apply" button to participate in this event. You will be given further notice.

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