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We are an Asian focused boutique Corporate Advisory Firm focused on complex situations and transactions, domestic and cross border, which need our particular brand of problem solving. We bring a wealth of expertise and experience, deep networking and relationships, multicultural negotiation skills, all wrapped around a strategic mindset and clarity of issue management.

We have established offices in Jakarta and Singapore, and intend to expand to other regional financial centers, all to serve our clients better.

We are Partners in Development, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders realize their corporate actions and transactions. We help you take your actions from vision/concept through, planning, outreach, negotiation, execution, and implementation. To this we bring deep transactional experience, technical expertise, and a strategic mindset. This is applied in the context of an extensive business network which gives us a strong foundation to assess underlying risks, counterparty exposures, and competitive environment responses among others.

When we begin working with a client we visualize it through to completion, map out the networks and power relationships of the key counter parties and competitors, and consider the likelihood of various outcomes/scenarios. This allows us to devise tactics and processes accordingly and enables us to tackle even the most complex corporate action. This approach requires that our due diligence process includes that we build a clear understanding of the client's business strategy and market position - and buy into it. We believe very strongly in this approach. No corporate action can be successful if there are critical flaws in the underlying strategy.

We have managed everything from assisting entrepreneurs’ transition from owner-operator to IPO ready organizations through to billion-dollar fund raising for green field infrastructure projects and debt restructurings. We are skilled at managing complex cross border debt restructurings with diverse stake holder interests and complications.

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