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Money Forward is one of the fastest-growing Fintech companies in Japan. Since its establishment, we have launched more than 55 products in order to achieve our company's Mission, "Money Forward. Move your life forward."

To continue maintaining our high overall growth rate, we are expanding our market internationally with the ultimate aim of becoming a "Global Tech Giant."

As a start-up, Money Forward values fair opportunities for everyone to take on new challenges, regardless of age, nationality, or educational background. Because of the expansion of our business field overseas, we are currently prompting the Englishnization of the engineering organization by the end of November 2024 to attract many talented engineers both domestically and internationally. To guarantee fair opportunities for all non-Japanese natives, we do not require Japanese proficiency, not only in the screening process but also after joining.

These efforts towards Englishnization resulted in the entire organization becoming more diverse, with employees from more than 30 different countries now working in the company including those from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

To ensure that employees working in Japan for the first time can fully engage in their work, we have prepared comprehensive relocation packages that include flight ticket, visa sponsorship, airport pick-up, temporary accommodation, and more.

Money Forward Culture

Our company's Vision is "Becoming the financial platform for all."

"Money" may be nothing more than a tool for living. However, it is also essential for guarding ourselves and our families, as well as for realizing our dreams.

We contribute to building a better society by providing services that enable users to "see money in a positive light and broaden their range of opportunities," thereby significantly enriching their lives.

In order to achieve our goal, Money Forward has cherished its Mission, Vision, Values, and Culture. We are looking for those who resonate with our passion, so please take a look at the Money Forward Culture Deck first!

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