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Ruangguru is the largest and most comprehensive edtech company in Southeast Asia, with over 38 million users and 7.000 employees in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. We offer education services for both K-12 and lifelong learning segments, such as subscription-based learning videos, learning management system for schools, skill-based courses, and corporate training.

Ruangguru was founded in 2014 to provide equitable access to quality education for all. This mission is based on the fact that Indonesia is the fourth largest education system in the world, yet also one of the lowest performing, ranking 74 among 79 countries in the 2018 PISA survey. Quality education is still considered a privilege in Indonesia. Ruangguru is solving the challenges in education through technology. Moreover, we saw that the education challenges in Indonesia are also present in other regions of Southeast Asia. Hence, we expanded our business to Vietnam (KienGuru) in 2019 and to Thailand (StartDee) in 2020.

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