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ParagonCorp Company Profile

Paragon is an Indonesian beauty company with the purpose of creating a greater good for the society through innovation.

Paragon Vision:
A company committed to having the best corporate governance and continuous improvement, in order to make each day better than yesterday, through high quality products that benefit the Paragonians, partners, society and the environment.

Paragon Mission:

  • Developing Paragonians
    We continuously learn and develop competent Paragonian with competitive advantage
  • Creating Kindness for Customers
    We listen to customer needs and create products beyond customers' expectation
  • Continuous Improvement
    We constantly innovate in every process to improve our product quality
  • Grow Together
    We work together with business partners for mutual benefit
  • Preserving the Earth
    We try our best to protect the earth sustainably as it provides all we need to live.
  • Supporting Education and Health of the Nation
    We expand our ranges of products, services through business expansion

Paragon Value:

  • Faith in God
    Paragonian believes in the existence and power of God
  • Care
    Paragonian upholds the value of togetherness and compassion
  • Humility
    Paragonian realizes that everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  • Grit
    Paragonian lives a life with great joy and willpower
  • Innovation
    Paragonian always develops new and better things to meet and exceed customer expectations


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