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Having high-level engineers from China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the countries of Southeast Asia, CBS Techno Corporation takes a comparative advantage at technology research and development especially in the field of machines, electronics, software, chemicals, and medicines. We have earned high trust from amongst customers through our “Total Technical Outsourcing Services” to them. 

  • Established in 1995, situated in Nagoya, Japan 
  • Engineering development of the automobile and human resource company of engineers 
  • Business relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation and other global companies in Japan. 
  • We have over 180 engineering specialists who work for famous technology companies in Japan 
  • Technological development for more than 10 years 

Homepage: www.cbs-tech.co

1. Training Period in Japan (2 months - 1 year, Japanese education)
Salary In Training Period (Nagoya City)
80,000JPY/month (about 8,100,000 IDR /month)
Residence provided
Health insurance, tax and transportation cost are settled by the company for the training period. 

2. Work Period

For Bachelor graduates: 230,000JPY/month (≒ IDR23,300,000/month)
Bonus is two times per year.
Residence Provided, transportation covered
Health insurance, income tax and pension plan will be subtracted from salary

Salary increases, and additional duty allowance may be added depends on the performance, work status and future commitments.

For Bachelor graduates: 270,000JPY/month+Duty allowance
Bonus and others are the same as year-1 above.

Salary increases and additional duty allowance may be added depends on the performance, work status and future commitments.

For Bachelor graduates: 300,000JPY/month+Duty allowance
Bonus and others are the same as year-1 above.

  • S1 (Bachelor degree) Mechanical Engineering or Production Engineering
  • Having vision/goals in life (such as becoming advanced engineer or leader of innovative team.)
  • Willing to improve through doing work. (not planning getting master or advanced degree in future)
  • Able to work more than 5 years in Japan
  • Major in Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • Have good/strong communication skills and be a team player.
  • Willing to learn Japanese and its culture
  • Language: Fluent in English/Indonesian


  • Residences provided for work and training periods.
  • Moving allowance provided when you move to first work location.
  • During training periods in Japan, medical expense will be covered by company.
  • Flight allowance once a year for visiting to Indonesia.
  • Company events and trip will be held for enjoy and learning the culture of Japan 2-3 times a year.
  • Improvement of current equipment/facility aimed at maximizing the productivity and preventing defective products
  • Promotion of manpower-reduction based on the Toyota production system and manufacturing cost reduction
  • Work to improve the safety and working environment of production sites in accordance with laws and regulation
  • Development of production process for the start of mass production
  • Preparation for production (startup of new equipment, modification of equipment, loss reduction)


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or via the email address innami@cbs-tech.co.jp

Technical Exam: July 23rd (online)

Company presentation: July 23rd(Online)

Individual Interview: July 24rd-

Signing offer process: Aug 2nd-

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
19 July 2024

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