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PT. QMB New Energy Materials

Material Purchasing Specialist 物料采购专员

Looking for

PT. QMB New Energy Materials is Nickel Laterite and Cobalt processing company which located in Morowali, Central Sulawesi. Currently, we are hiring for experienced professional who are looking to expand their expertise and broaden their horizon by joining our company. 

Requirements 任职要求:

  • Bachelor degree or above, male/female 本科及以上学历,男女不限。
  • Having procurement-related work experience for 3 years or above, familiar with Indonesian procurement channels and market prices, and able to independently complete procurement tasks 采购相关工作3年及以上,熟悉印尼采购渠道和市场价格,能独立完成采购任务。
  • Able to communicate in Mandarin, verbal, typewriting, and reading 中文听说读写均需达到一定水平。
  • Able to integrate into Chinese corporate culture, have a strong sense of responsibility, and abide by professional ethics 能融入中国企业文化,责任心强,遵守职业操守。
  • Main placement will be on Morowali, Central Sulawesi, QMB Park, and willing to travel to Jakarta, Makassar or other places according to work requirement 主要工作地点为莫罗瓦利青美邦园区,根据工作需要会去雅加达、马卡萨等地出差。

Benefits and Salary 福利及待遇:

  • Salary Range: Manager/Deputy Manager: 16-25 million or more; Salesperson/Specialist: 10-16 million. 薪酬范围:经理/副经理:16-25条及以上;业务员/专员:10-16条。
  • Vacation: Placement on the QMB Park gets a 14 days of vacation every 3 months (including travel time). 休假:在园区工作享受每三个月休假14天(含路途时间)。
  • Accommodation: Two person per room for Manager/Deputy Manager, Three person per room for Salesperson/Specialist.住宿:经理/副经理两人间,业务员/专员三人间。
  • Excellent ones can have one-to-one discussion. 特别优秀者,可一人一议。
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Morowali, Sulawesi Tengah
31 December 2023

GKU Timur ITB Building

Jln. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132 Indonesia

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