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PT. Darma Henwa Tbk, established in 1991, has evolved from an engineering contracting firm to become an integrated mining and energy services company with a solid foothold in the lucrative, resource energy industry sector of Indonesia.
In 2007 the Company took over the coal marketing business and is currently in the process of establishing business in the field of energy associated with coal.

The Company’s existing coal mining services projects are located in Bengalon Coal Project at PT. Kaltim Prima Coal, Asam-asam Coal Project at PT. Arutmin Indonesia, East Binungan Coal Project at PT. Berau Coal, Malinau Coal Project at Mitrabara Adiperdana (Bara Multi Group), Tamtama Hauling Road Construction Project at PT. Tamtama Perkasa.

Darma Henwa places human resources as a crucial factor of growth and development. The Company is committed to recruiting, training, and developing career ladder, and growing up with best professional human resources that can contribute in achieving the Company’s vision.

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