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PT. Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia (Enviro) established in 2002 due to the rise of demand and need to have a Clean Environment. These are some reasons why a Clean Environment cannot be realized. First, the high expense of equipment and building to create and maintain a Clean Environment. Second, there are many cases of disinvestment and malfunction of water/waste processing tools and sanitation. Third, it is difficult to have the economical, achievable and reliable water/waste processing technology and sanitation. Hence, Enviro contributes in order to realize those demands and needs by having a vision to be a capable company to compete and actively build a Clean Environment to increase the quality of human life and ecology. Moreover, we run the business to protect and repair the environment especially in water/waste processing and sanitation (healthy milieu). Therefore, we give a professional solution to surmount the challenge in creating and developing the Clean Environment ethically. In addition, Caring and Proactive is our prominence principle to engage the synergy with all Stake Holder. Enviro focuses on water/waste processing and sanitation. We competently provide one stop solution for our customer by giving System Review, Trouble Shooting, Feasibility and Treatability Studies, Design and Engineering, Installation, Test, and Commissioning & Training. Furthermore, our product such as ENVIRO SED, ENVIRO DAF , and ENVIRO RBC has been installed almost in all over regions in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke for any various application as Industrial customer, Official Public Project, Oil & Gas and Property. To keep the professionalism in this business, Enviro always maintains and increases the quality of products we offer either design quality, manufacture quality, installation quality or after sale service quality. Additionally, we consist to apply Management Quality for our customer and Safety Management System and Work Health for our employers. As the results, we got a certificate of ISO 9001 for Management Quality and a certificate of OHSAS 1800. Related to complete the necessity of our business in these days, we also established some affiliated firms namely, PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama in manufacture, PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara in Trading, PT. Prakarsa Energy Globalindo in Oil and Gas Service and PT. Prakarsa Express Antarnusa in Travel Agent. Thereby, these affiliated firms are expected to be the support for achieving the vision in the near future.

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