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Established in 1966, Kalbe has gone a long way from a humble operation that started in a garage to become the leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia.

Growing both organically and through mergers & acquisitions, Kalbe expands its business interests and transformed itself to become a provider of an integrated healthcare solution through its 4 business divisions: the Prescription Pharmaceutical Division (24% contribution), Consumer Health Division (17% contribution), Nutritionals Division (29% contribution) and Distribution and Logistics Division (30% contribution). These business divisions manage an extensive portfolio of prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs, energy drink and nutrition products, as well as a robust distribution arm serving over one million outlets across Indonesia’s vast archipelago.

In the international market, the Company has established its footprint in ASEAN countries, Nigeria, and South Africa, positioning Kalbe as a national pharmaceutical company with a competitive edge in the export market.

Since its founding, the Company has been aware of the importance of innovation to grow its business. Kalbe Farma has established a robust research and development activities in leading edge generic drug formulation and continuous development of innovative consumer and nutritional products. Through strategic alliances with international partners, Kalbe have also started to support several successful research and development venture working on cancer drugs, stem cells and biotechnology research.

Human Resources

Kalbe always considers that excellence in human resources management is one of the critical strategies to ensure sustainable positive performance. The Company recognizes that to be able to maintain and improve its performance, the Company needs highly competent and qualified workforce, oriented toward the needs of the future.

At Kalbe, human resources development goes beyond the responsibility of the Human Resources Division. Rather, all members of the management are actively engaged in human capital development activities to ensure sustainable creation of Kalbe future business leaders.


In 2010, Kalbe Group formally defined its corporate values, Kalbe Panca Sradha, reflecting the following five principles:
• Trust is the glue of life
• Mindfulness is the foundation of our action
• Innovation is the key to our success
• Strive to be the best
• Interconnectedness is a universal of life

Kalbe Panca Sradha values form the foundation of mentality to unify Kalbe Group’s more than 17,000 employees, who work in 24 distinct business entities in Indonesia and overseas.


We are committed to place top priority on people development based on the “Leader creates Leaders” principle to nurture Kalbe’s future business leaders. Ability to build crossfunctional and cross-business synergies remains a crucial element of leadership to be developed through individual development plan, coaching, counseling and mentoring with the involvement of management in the process.

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