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PT Bank Permata Tbk (“PermataBank” or “Bank” or  “Bank Permata”) was established through a merger of five  banks under the oversight of IBRA (Indonesian Banking  Restructuring Agency), namely PT Bank Bali Tbk, PT Bank  Universal Tbk, PT Bank Prima Express, PT Bank Artamedia,  and PT Bank Patriot in 2002.

PermataBank’s main shareholders are PT Astra International  Tbk, a leading Indonesian company with extensive  experience in domestic market, and Standard Chartered  Bank, a well respected international bank with market  leading expertise and global experience. The unique  combination of our strategic shareholders has created a  synergy to become one of our core strengths, one that is  unique in the Indonesian banking industry.

Throughout its growth journey, PermataBank has been  guided by a simple vision, to be the pioneer in delivering  innovative financial solutions; and PRICE (Partnership,  Responsiveness, Innovation, Caring and Excellence) as  the set of values, which become PermataBank’s principle  beliefs and guides the way PermataBankers work and  behave.

Supported by 331 branch offices in 62 cities in Indonesia  with more than 100,000 ATM access conected with ATM  Prima, ATM Bersama, ALTO, CIRRUS, VISA and Master  Card, we believe that we can realize our commitment in  offering innovative banking solution with perfect quality  services to meet the need of customers.

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