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Why Valuestream ?

PT. ValueStream International (VSI) is a company
engaged in the IT field, where the VSI was formed
to focus on managing the associated business
transaction, one of which is a switching device
company and developer support transactions:

  • Until now, this is the only provider for Payment Gateway P2APST PLN(Perusahaan Listrik Negara), ISO 8583 v 2003 International Standard of proven running well and is used by multi-switching (prepaid, postpaid, adding power, and others) with 28 million transactions per month.
  • Provider Gateway for PT. Bussan Auto Finance.
  • Switching company PLN for the first PPOB services that meet the electricity standard, ISO 8583 v 2003.
  • System is so estuary more than 10.000 Payment Point spread in Java-Bali, NTB, and Sumatra.
  • Provide switching services to PLN West Java & Banten, PLN Central Java-Yogyakarta, PLN East Java and Madura, Bali, PLN West Sumatra, PLN West Nusa Tenggara, PLN DISJAYA Jakarta, PLN North Sumatera, PLN Aceh, PLN Southeast Sulawesi, PLN Riau and Riau Island and PLN East Kalimantan. Telkom (PSTN, Speedy, Flexi, T Vision), taps, Leasing (MCF, WOM, MAF, BAF), Zakat (DPU-DT, Wallets Dhuafa), multioperator prepaid Pulse with a total of 10 million transactions per month.

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