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As the third largest mining contractor company in Indonesia, PT Saptaindra Sejati (SIS) offers an integrated mining service with international standard toward leading mining companies in Indonesia. With modern and well-maintained heavy equipments along with competent and mining expertise human resources, SIS presents various services starts from exploration and drill through mining contract and logistic support. From end to end high safety standard, strong commitment on environment and harmonic community relations which make SIS an ultimate and trustworthy partner for the mining companies which call for a cost effective mining solution.

In order to achieve SIS HSE which is “Zero LTI” and “No Fatality”, the Health, Safety, and Environment’s program is implemented in a firm way. SIS also set the target for improvement, measure and evaluate, along to report the performance to work accident prevention and decrease of environment’s support.

With high safety standard, the company’s commitment toward the environment preservation and the harmonic relationship with the community made SIS becomes the ultimate and trustworthy partner for the mining companies which need a cost-effective mining solution.   

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