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PT. Toyota Astra Financial Services (TAF) is a joint venture between Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC) and PT. Astra International Tbk (AI), whose relationship has spanned for over 30 years. Memorandum of Understanding was signed in October 2005, an initiative which aims to be the most preferred and ultimately, the only financing solution for Toyota vehicle ownership. It has become our mission to be a valuable asset not only to our shareholders, but also our business partners/associates to the customers, the country we are located in and its government, and finally to the community nationwide. TAF put high values on professionalism in providing service, achieving excellence across all areas, good relation with business partners, and customers-focused. We also strive to provide service that trouble-free, affordable and accessible. Together with Toyota Astra Motor and Toyota Dealers, TAF provides further assistance for Toyota customers in making their Toyotas come true.

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