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At a Glance
Great Giant Foods is the corporate arm of Gunung Sewu Group for food and agricultural products. Launched in 2016, it oversees fresh fruit, packaged food and beverage, as well as protein and dairy products sold under the brands Cap Kodok, Sunpride, Bonanza, Re.juve, Belfoods, and Hometown.
Our flagship product, canned pineapples, is available in more than 60 countries. It puts us among the world’s top three pineapple producers, and as the world’s largest integrated and zero-waste processed pineapple producer.
Our business is recognized for its high standards and modern approach to agriculture and farming practices, which utilize sustainable and environmentally-friendly technology and innovation to increase food stock availability.
We are supported by a total of 12,750 people across the board. To support the business distribution, we currently have several trading companies in United States of America (USA), Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea and Canada.  

Our Vision
Nourishing people’s lives with quality foods produced in sustainable and innovative ways

Our Values    
Governance. To exemplify the highest standard of integrity, ethics, and code of conduct in all of our activities.
Reliability. To be a trustworthy and dependable business partner.
Excellence. To improve continuously and goes the extra mile in all of our activities.
Agile. To be fast, adaptive to changes, and responsive to challenges.
Teamwork. To collaborate with compassion in pursuit of the common goals.

Feeding the World with Great Food
The majority of our agricultural and food products originate from around 34,000 hectares of lands in Lampung and East Java provinces. We run multiple business entities that produce packaged food, fresh fruit, protein and dairy products, fresh cold-pressed juice and healthy smoothies.

PT Great Giant Pineapple is the largest private label manufacturer of canned pineapple in the world, and a prominent source of premium pineapple. Boasting extensive plantations, the company currently exports more than 15,000 containers of processed pineapple to over 60 countries, with a market share of 25%.
PT Great Giant Pineapple is not only recognized for the quality of its products, but also for its integrity and eco-friendly processes. The company manufactures its own cans, ranging from the 8-107 oz variety for its canned pineapples to the large 55-gallon steel drums for the pineapple juice concentrate.
Aside from canned pineapple and pineapple juice concentrate, PT Great Giant Pineapple produces pineapple in pouch, pinapple filling, and pineapple spread.
“With one in every four canned pineapple in the world originating from PT Great Giant Pineapple, our plantation covers 90,000 acres, and our unrivalled expertise in fruit cultivation underpinds PT Great Giant Pineapple’s global reputation for premium pineapples.”

In addition to canned pineapple, PT Great Giant Pineapple owns and operates tropical fruit plantations, producing mainly banana, pineapple, and guava. The fresh fruit products are sold under Sunpride® brand for Indonesian market.
Sunpride® aims to provide fresh, juicy and nutritious fruits for everyone whenever needed. To achieve this, we provide unequalled product excellence with the focus of consumer needs through innovation, consistently high-quality seeds and best agriculture practices.
The products are distributed by PT Sewu Segar Nusantara, the leading distribution company for local tropical fruit, to more than 18,000 retail outlets across the country. PT Sewu Segar Nusantara also partners with international companies such as kiwi distributor from New Zealand and Australian apple distributor.  The international customers are served by our Oriji®, Bali Fresh®, Sumatera Fresh® brand, which exports fresh fruit products.  We have exported more than 8,500 containers of banana and fresh pineapple to over 15 countries across Asia and the Middle East.


- Re.juve
Re.juve is a cold-pressed juice brand under PT Sewu Segar Primatama. Its mission goes beyond providing healthy product, that is to help people improve the quality of their life and embark on a happier life through the wealth of nutrients from its delicious, healthy and honest F&B selections.
From cold-pressed juice, Re.juve has expanded their products to almond milk and other healthy food and beverage that apply very strict hygiene standard in their True Cold-Pressed production facility with High Pressure Technology (HPP), the first of such an integrated facility in the Southeast Asian region.  
All Re.juve juices are guaranteed as 100% cold-pressed, fresh, pure and natural; made from only the finest and the freshest fruit and vegetable (not from concentrate) without additional water, sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and other ingredients. These products are not exposed to heat and oxidation either during the processes of juicing, logistic, delivery, and storage.
As Re.juve believes in full honesty and transparency, all ingredients used are always listed clearly on the label (what you see is what you get, clean label).
The first Re.juve store opened on May 19, 2014 at Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta. Re.juve stores are currently available throughout Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bogor, Bekasi, Surabaya, Bali and Bandung with 70 outlets by February 2020.

- Bonanza Beef
Bonanza beef is pineapple-fed beef. Pineapple is known as an excellent meat tenderizer due to its natural enzyme that helps break down protein. Pineapple skin is part of the animal feed in our farms. The quality of the meat is guaranteed by the tight surveillance process from upstream to downstream.
A good quality beef requires thorough production process from farm to plate. It starts with the right cattle breed from Australia that is fed in Lampung under PT Great Giant Livestock. Our locally-grown cattle together with imported cattle from Australia are nurtured in Lampung in a clean and stress-free environment. All cattle are tagged with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that allows us to track and monitor their conditions.
- Belfoods
Belfoods products have the highest quality ingredients and are processed with high technology to ensure good taste and nutritional protein is intact. Under PT Belfoods Indonesia, the company offers a range of fast-food processed chicken products such as chicken nugget, sausage, corned and meatball.
All of the products pass the quality checks and meet international-level fast-food restaurant standards, making them among the preferred suppliers by most of international fast-food restaurant chains operated in Indonesia.
PT Belfoods Indonesia is part of PT Sierad Produce, Tbk (‘Sierad Produce”), with the core competence of feeds production, production of day old chicks (“DOC”), broiler commercial farm, contract growing, slaughtering and production of further processed and value added chicken products. Sierad Produce’s vision is to create sustainable and acceptable returns to its shareholders by becoming the leading integrated poultry based food company in Indonesia.

- Hometown
Our dairy product of Hometown brings the freshness of the cow milk from our own farm. We ensure the high-quality process of farming and milking procedures to ensure fresh delivery of our products in a timely manner.
Our cows are taken care of wholeheartedly, which results in creamy, fresh, delicious, and smooth-textured milk. The farm is integrated with our plantation, where our cattle happily grow and get the freshest food.
Under PT Great Giant Livestock, we manage to produce the milk with integrated milking processes. Everything happens within one location. That means the milk goes straight to the bottle without transportations long-hauling journey that might destroy the milk. The separation of the cream occurs naturally due to minimally processed milk unlike in the old days.

- Bromelain Enzyme
PT Bromelain Enzyme is a manufacturer of refined products of bromelain, a collective term for protein-digesting enzymes that can be found in pineapple juice and stems.
With its factory located in Lampung, PT Bromelain Enzyme started commercial operations in 2011 with the aim of manufacture refined bromelain products for export to Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and other regions. In 2013, PT Bromelain Enzyme produced approximately 60 tons of bromelain that makes up for 21 percent of the world market.
- Tapioca Starch Cap Kodok
Tapioca starch Cap Kodok is produced by PT Umas Jaya Agrotama that supplies high quality flour to food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries. Established in September 1990 in South Lampung, the company has an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons.

Our Commitment to Environment and Community
We strive to achieve sustainability in every location where we operate by implementing best practices in social, environmental and economic aspects.
Eco-friendly Process
Being among the country’s major players in food and agriculture industry, we are aware of the responsibility to comply with environmental regulations and set high standard in every aspect of our operation.
Our commitment to the environment through green practices implementation is the integral part of company’s activities to ensure sustainable operation and growth.
We began this commitment in 1980, by preserving the natural lagoons to harvest rainwater and reduce the consumption of groundwater.
Various environmental initiatives have been launched since then, along with the initiatives on social issues and economic welfare of local communities.
Our fully integrated facilities enable us to trace every product to its original farm, a hallmark of our operation that gives assurance on food security.
Safety and wholesomeness are the most important attributes of food quality that we treat quality monitoring, from cultivation to packaging, as paramount.
We exert full control over our entire supply chain that we can easily identify problems or opportunities to improve supply chain management.

Zero Waste Cycle
We apply the principles of zero waste, where the entire waste is transformed into value-added products for maximum utilization. Solid and liquid wastes will eventually find their way back to nourish the earth.

The Smart Solution of Future Farming
Decades of experience in farming industry has led PT Great Giant Pineapple to create breakthroughs in sustainable and green practices through digital technology. Since 2016, PT Great Giant Pineapple has introduced the android-based application eGrower to farmers and local communities, to be able to take part in global industry 4.0 that is speedy, dynamic and highly competitive. The goal is for the farmers and local communities to have their welfare increased.
The commodities developed by eGrower through creating share value (CSV) mechanism include locally-grown banana (mas, barangan and raja bulu bananas); yellow and red papaya; and Bangkok guava. These produce have been grown by farmers through partnership program with PT Great Giant Pineapple, which bought the commodities to be marketed in both domestic and foreign markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We aim to empower local communities through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and assist their daily activities with a dedicated team. The team offers skill development and training at our state-of-the-art training center to create tropical fruit production specialist.  
“Nurturing people to realize their full potential”
We provide fund for schools and healthcare programs, and help build houses of worship. In addition, we also:
Support local business
Provide affordable residential housing
Develop utilities such as access to clean water and electricity
Provide education scholarship
Collaborate with SMEs to produce handmade products
Provide medical care
Disaster relief
“Giving Back to the Community is an essential part of being a sustainable business”

Great Indonesia Program
In July 2019, Great Indonesia Healthy Life was initiated as a response to the dire health situation in the country. Data from the United Nations Children’s Fund in 2017 showed that the prevalence of stunting for infants under five years old in Indonesia in 2015 is 36.4 percent, or the second highest in ASEAN.
Great Indonesia Healthy Life Program aims to take part in the nutritional intervention program for local communities, and act as an accelerator to prevent stunting and obesity. The program focuses on two things: Healthy breakfast for children and healthy behavior campaigns, as poor nutrition, unsanitary environment and unhealthy lifestyle play roles in stunting cases.

Creating Shared Values
We partner with local communities in our areas of operation to improve their livelihood, education and healthcare. We also construct vital infrastructure to help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Local Fruit Farmers
At PT Great Giant Pineapple, we are committed to empowering local farmers who partner with us by creating shared value program (CSV) that has enhanced our competitive advantages while also advancing the communities in Tanggamus Regency, Lampung Province. The success of the program has led us to implement it in other regions.
We establish contractual cooperation with local farmers, guaranteeing their produce. We provide seedlings and technical assistance to ensure efficient farming and quality products. E-Grower, our integrated information system, allows us to monitor every aspect of the farming process and gather data to grow other fruit products.

Cattle Farmers Partnership Program
PT Great Giant Livestock partners with 650 stock farmers that manage 5,000 animals in 20 districts in Central Lampung Province. To reduce waste and to help the government in making Indonesian cattle industry self-sufficient, we have integrated our cattle and waste management. The by-products of our pineapple production are used as cattle feed.

One Village One Product Program
The program runs several projects for local communities. They include sewing group for women, handicraft project using underspecification fruit, and assistance for poultry and fishery farmers to boost animal feeding efficiency by integrating the waste and maggots.
A global brand of food companies, Great Giant Foods enriches people’s life by producing great and healthy food from quality and sustainable resources, in a bis to become the great company that serves customers, the community and the country, while preserving the environment.

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