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Asia has changed. Asia has evolved. So have the needs of businesses in an economy 4.0 where strategic deployment of SMART tech, clean energy, AI and automated solutions is a must-have for ongoing competiveness. More than any integrated facility management (IFM) provider, ADEN recognizes that the new era has already arrived and puts the next wave of SMART tech and data tools at the heart of our solutions.

ADEN is Asia-born and Asia-centric, with a 20-year history of getting things done in China, ASEAN and beyond. ADEN has built a powerful network and is headquartered in Shanghai, China - ground zero of innovation in Industry 4.0. Already boasting an award-winning energy optimization and automation platform, ADEN continues to push forward with a vision of uniting the full spectrum of IFM solutions through our IoT platform.

ADEN operates in over 25 countries, with 80 cities in China alone. ADEN now has 26,000 employees around the world, ensuring that our partners receive comprehensive, top-level facility services at every level. We partner with clients in commercial, industrial and private sectors; among these, many companies listed on the Fortune 500 count on ADEN for strategic outsourcing.

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