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PT Sutra Management Consultancies represents i3 Consulting in Indonesia. I3 Consulting is a business consulting firm, which uses analytics to deliver to clients across the globe. We come with a rich experience in the domain of marketing, risk, strategy, corporate finance and process improvement. i3C has 13 years old and rich culture and has offices in Indonesia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore. Our employee base is around 50+ consultants from 5 countries.


At i3 Consulting our collective goal is to deliver 100% quality to the client 100% of the times. To achieve this goal, we mentor our team members and further their professional development. We work on diverse projects spread across major frontier markets, thereby offering amazing learning opportunities. Combined with the young demographics of our team, this creates a dynamic and passionate environment in our workplace. We collaborate within the team, both formally and informally to increase the value that we can add to the client's business.

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