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Company Profile

  1. Company background

The Acme Chemicals group of companies was founded with the incorporation of Acme Chemicals (Far East) Pte Ltd in Singapore in 1980. The company operated as regional representative for various multinational chemical companies for the regions of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Later, Acme Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1993 and PT Acme Indonesia in 2006. The group also has established a representative office in Vietnam in 2007, and Myanmar in 2012.

Acme Chemicals (Far East) Pte Ltd continued to operate as a parent company to the other operations managing centralized product procurements from the various principals while maintaining trading business in Singapore and Vietnam. PT Acme Indonesia operated as a trading company distributing specialty products into Indonesia.

PT Acme Indonesia was similarly established as a specialty chemical trading company representing reputable multinational companies for the Indonesia markets. Focus industries included oil & gas, industrial and municipal water treatment, paint and coating, polymer and paper-making. To provide a support to our customer, we have workshop, laboratory and warehouse located in Lippo Cikarang – Indonesia.

  1. Mission and vision
  • Be a reputable specialty chemicals supplier in the ASEAN region
  • We believe that combination of high quality products, efficient operation plus high knowledge & proper attitude team are essential to satisfy our customer.

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