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PT. Santana FMC Petroleum Equipment Indonesia – Company Profile

PT. Santana FMC Petroleum Equipment Indonesia is a joint venture between FMC Technologies Incorporated a US company quoted on the New York Stock Exchange and two local companies PT Kodel and PT Nugra Santana.

PT FMC Santana was established on 29th August 1984 at the current location JL. Cakung Cilincing Raya Km. 2.5 North Jakarta adjacent to the port of Tanjung Priok which is very convenient for the use of marine and land transportation mobilization and demobilization to all locations in Indonesia.

PT. FMC Santana started production with 10 machine tools, one welding machine, a furnace for heat treatment and a hydro testing chamber. Initial production capacity 40 sets of conventional wellhead and 20 sets single stack Xmas tree. Main customers were Huffco, Unocal and Arco.

During the 10 years to 1995 there was a change in design from the traditional stack up Xmas tree to a single or dual block tree. By 1995 FMC was able to produce 100 sets of wellhead and 60 sets of X-mas tree annually. Main customers were Pertamina, Huffco, Arco and Unocal, etc.

In 2000 to meet increased market demand FMC added some CNC machines and to increase rig time efficiency developed and launched the Unihead (compact wellhead). Compact wellhead reduces the time to install and open the BOP on the rig. This design was supplied to Petrochina Jabung, Unocal, Total, Kodeco, Hess and others, FMC Santana production by 2000 had increased to 80 sets of Unihead 80 sets and 110 single or dual block Xmas trees block and 130 conventional sets.

In 2005 due to the high specification requirements of the BP Tangguh project equipment 2 automatic welding machines were added to perform cladding (clad overlay on raw material). In additions several manual machines were upgraded to CNC machines to meet the growing requirement for splitter Uniheads.

Currently the number of production machines stands at 16 consisting of 13 CNC and 3 manual machines, 2 hydrostatic test bays and gas test facilities and a dedicated maintenance and repair workshop. Production capacity is 220 Unihead and 145 block tree (single and dual) plus conventional wellhead as required with local content achievement of 40% for wellhead and 34% for Xmas tree. Major customers include Pertamina Mahakam, Vico, Saka, Petronas, PHE ONWJ , PHE WMO, BP Berau, Husky, Chevron Medco and ConocoPhillips.

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