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Nodeflux is a technology startup company from Jakarta, Indonesia, founded on 2016 by MeidyFitranto (CEO) and Faris Rahman (CTO), two engineers from Bandung Institute of Technology.

Nodeflux provide computer vision with deep learning to solve many challenging problems by extending vision using Artificial Intelligence.

Nodeflux Intelligent Video Analytics can be deployed into any kind of source, whether its CCTV, webcam, phone, camera, or others. Many kinds of logic rules can be applied, even can be customized specifically only for client’s business process or needs.

Nodeflux’sproducts and services cover wide range of sector including but not limited to smart city, defense and security, traffic management, toll management, store analytic (wholesale and retail), asset and facilities management, advertising, and transportation.


Unlimited paid annual leave
Competitive salary (nett)
Annual Bonus
Healthcare with dental and vision
Maternity Allowance
Marriage Allowance
Flexible hours and vacations. Night owls welcome.
A casual atmosphere
A fully stocked kitchen
Learning & Development Opportunity

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