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Kargo wants to transform the quarter Trillion $USD Logistics Industry in Indonesia. At 25% of GDP, Indonesia’s logistics cost is one of the highest in the world. Everything gets moved by trucks, but billions of KM are driven empty and booking truckload freight still largely depends on phone, WhatsApp, and paper for handling transactions. We passionately believe technology can revolutionize this industry, leading to a much more efficient & transparent system to move Indonesia forward.

Founded in 2018 by Tiger Fang & Yodi Aditya, Kargo is backed by leading global institutional investors & disruptors. Kargo is currently in pre-launch and operating in stealth mode. This is an opportunity to join a true startup at the ground floor and to learn to build a business from scratch.

Tiger has 6 years building marketplaces in Asia.  Launched Uber across Southeast Asia  & scaled operations in China & Indonesia. He was part of the founding team at Lazada Thailand & Vietnam.

Yodi has 6 years building the tech behind travel/finance/airline platforms. Spent the last 3 years diving deep into the logistics industry & built a largest Indonesian logistics & freight exchange platform.

What we Believe

We believe that technology will be the key factor to make our mission possible, and we believe that we need top talents to do that, that’s why we really care about culture in Kargo, we believe that everyone will perform they best when we believe at them and give them autonomy on their domain, we believe that people will do their best when they are safe to take the risk and we believe in meritocracy where best idea win, no matter where it coming from.

If you believe the same thing with us, come and join us to make an impact and revolutionize this marketplace by bringing unmatched efficiency, transparency & accountability to move Indonesia forward.

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