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SPOTS, Member Of Gojek Group, is a financial company that connects merchants and financial institutions to continue to grow their businesses, using easy and integrated payment systems to deliver a fast, precise and secure shoppping experience for consumers. We was established 2001 as a debit card scheme. In 2003, we signed our first managed services contract with Bank Permata and soon thereafter with BNI.

We have a clear and mission : To be a trusted payment system solution partner to create a non –cash society environment in Indonesia. Helping merchants to grow their businesses by providing an integrated service and making it easier for consumer to shop using a shared payment platform linked to our strategic financial institution partner.

We provide pur payment services to 638 locations throughout Indonesia and operate on a 24-hour basis 365 days out of the year. Our clients can therefore count on the efficiency of our services and reliability of their payment networks. Our 500+ commited employees are making a difference from our 48++ offices across Indonesia.  


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