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We are FlashDiner (PT AN Consultants), an ambitious technology start-up in the Food industry in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. This company was founded by 3 expatriates who have been living in Jakarta for the past 20 years (since the mid 1990s). We are currently small and have approximately ~10 people working with us.

Our application allows users to discover promotions (card offers, Buy-one-get-one) and discounts in restaurants close to the user's location. It also has other features such as table reservations and restaurant discovery. We are currently looking to add many restaurants in our application.

We believe in this idea because people will love to quickly find promotions around their area to save money. Therefore, we have developed a platform for restaurants to advertise their promotions. Our application for users will be out late-May/early June and will be available on the Play Store/iOS App Store/Web.

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