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PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indoensia (previously known as PT national Gobel) is a well-known electronic manufacturing company in indonesia, wich was established in 1970. We produce home appliances, such as: waterpump, air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electrical iron, radio, home theater and fan.

We have a "tap water philosophy". wich means contributing to all people by making their life enriched and convenient by providing valuable electrical product at economical prices which are made available by steady and ceaseless efforts. our missuin is serving all of our costumers by providing FUKUHIN (prosperous products) and also a "banana tree philosophy", wich means no part of a banana tree goes to waste; the fruit is eaten to provide nourishment while the leaves and other parts of the plant can be used in a variety of useful ways. growing everywhere, they are available for all and nurture the next generation of life giving before expiring.


Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia (PMI) is a joint venture company that adopts Japanese culture at the work place. If you like a structured work place with clear regulations, this is the place to work! We're alse a very clean company because we apply the 5S (Seiri, Seisou, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) in our daily routine.


The motto of our company is "make people before product", so it's obvious  that the development of our employees (their knowledge & skills) are very important to us. Which is why we also provide and/or send our employees to attend various trainings. There are both domestic & oversea trainings. And for engineers, if you show a hight-performance & have potential, you can get FREE training in Japan for 1 until 3 years!

We also have a clear path for those of you who seek for a good career. And we also give an opportunity for employees to do pilgrimage for FREE.

So, why wait? Come on & Join us!

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