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Djabesmen Co. is a group of manufacturers in the Building Materials Industry, each a market leader in their respective field. Comprising of companies that produce premier brands such as Djabesmen, Rucika, Granito ™ and ROYALboard, we are actively participating in building the nation. With a 30 years old organization that employs more than 3000 individuals, we are commited to building a strong and empowered team to embrace our continued growth.


Mission We are passionate about ... "To create sustainable value-added for stakeholders by:

  • Producing quality building materials for customer through product and service excellence.
  • Building longterm, mutually-beneficial relationship with business partners.
  • Creating reliable organization capabilities and highly dedicated people.
  • Applying good corporate governance and business ethics to maintain business sustainability


We are striving to be ... "The best building materials business group in advancing the quality of life in Indonesia".


We believe in ...

“Inspired to EXCEED”

EXemplary Leadership

Continuing Partnership



Dedication to Market

Our Business Units :

PT. Djabesmen, PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika, PT. Granitoguna Building Ceramics, PT. Superex Raya, PT. Djabesdepo Fortuna Raya, PT. Djabesdepo Fortuna Medan, PT. Djabes Tunas Utama, PT. Wahana Tunas Utama Rucika.

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