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A  company  that  is  now  known  as  PT  Federal  International  Finance  was  first  established  under  the  name  Mitrapusaka  Artha  Finance  on  May  1,  1989.  The  Company  changed  its  name  in  1991  to  PT  Federal  International  Finance,  and  became  a   subsidiary   of   Astra   International.   Initially,   PT   Federal International Finance engaged in consumer financing, leasing, and factoring. However, in 1996,PT Federal International Finance started to focus on financing for Honda motorcycles.

In  May  2013,  the  Company  launched  the  brand  FIFGROUP,    which    signifies    the    transformation    of  the  Company  in  the  course  of  its  business  development.  This  initiative  was  followed  by  the formulation  of  the  products  and  services  of  new  financing.  In  the  segment  of  motorcycle  financing  services,   FIFGROUP   began   to   expand   its   scope   through FIFASTRA, a financing product for new and used  Honda  motorcycles.  FIFGROUP  also  began  to  explore  the  segment  of  electronic  and  household  product   financing   through   SPEKTRA. In  2015,  FIFGROUP further expanded the scope of its services and   products   through   AMITRA,   which   provides   sharia-based financing. 


To become an industry leader

that is admired at the national level.


To provide a better life to the society.

In its journey FIFGROUP is always strives     to     improve     its     business     management  system  and  the  service  quality    it    delivers    to    customers.    Based  on  this  principle,  the  Company’s  development    strategy    is    formulated    in  continuity  throughout  the  years,  to  reach maximum growth. Every strategy proclaimed   by   the   Company   each   year,  has  the  same  vision,  which  is  to  achieve higher level of quality with the spirit of “ACHIEVE NEW RECORDS”. 

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