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Mitosis is a creative performance agency based in Malaysia and Indonesia.

We help businesses build, operate and manage their
digital presence. We are good at what we are doing
because we put the customer at the front and centre of
everything that we do.

Mitosis Methodology

We at Mitosis call ourselves Growth hackers. This means that everything we do for our clients is based on growing their business. Digital is an ever changing landscape. Everyday new technologies and new ways of marketing are being developed. We are not arrogant, we know that many things we do on digital are new. For us and our clients. Therefore we live and die by the following 3 rules:

  1. Lean : We are economical with our time and resources, our objective is to gain the maximum amount of sales with minimum amount of investment.
  2. Launch and Test : Every effort we make is designed in such a way that we can measure the outcome. We only create work which can help our client advance forward.
  3. Accountability : Everyone within Mitosis has their own set of KPI’s for each project and each client. We take our work seriously. That is why even our bonuses are linked to the results we give to our clients.

PT Mitosis Cipta Indonesia
23/F ANZ Tower
Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav. 33A
10220 Jakarta, Indonesia
+6221 765 1010

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