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Modalku is an online marketplace based in Jakarta, Indonesia for small businesses to acquire loans and for lenders to fund small business loans to earn compelling returns.

Our technology-based approach enables borrowers to receive loans for the first time or at lower than market rates, while lenders will earn returns well above that of bank deposits, traditional fixed income products and life insurance investment-linked products. This marketplace lending model is proven in countries such as USA, UK, China & Singapore.

SMEs are a key source of employment and economic growth in Indonesia, but are structurally disabled by financial institutions to get the financing they need, despite being generally profitable companies. Meanwhile, investors & depositors looking to fend off a high inflation rate need a more reliable way to generate higher returns. Modalku is committed to solve these problems through proactive innovation and collaboration with borrowers, lenders and the broader ecosystem in Indonesia.

Because together, we create a much better Indonesia.

Modalku’s Values

We have a number of core values that we use to guide how we work together, and how we grow as a company. These values are recurring themes that guide us as we develop as a company and which strengthen us during those times when we tackle our big challenges:

  • Iterate and excel – We strive to develop solutions to problems even at the risk of getting it wrong. We make mistakes, but that's ok. Our drive to innovate is a strength point at Modalku, but it also leads to some real challenges and even outright problems. We need to know and understand this about ourselves; celebrate it and at times compensate for it. This because we are honest to ourselves and clear about iterating to the most optimal solution.
  • Hire Exceptional People (and empower them to do their job) – It is a privilege to work with great people. It makes us better when we are inspired or challenged by great colleagues. On the other hand, working with someone who doesn't carry their weight drags everyone down. Thus, we keep our standards high and strive forward!
  • Dive in and get the ball rolling - If you see something that is not right, roll up your sleeves and pitch in to find a solution. We will be right alongside in no time.

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