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PT. Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia (OMI) is Multinational Company under Omron Corporation Japan. Established on April 1993 that located in East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) Plot 5C Bekasi , West Java, Indonesia.

OMI produces electronic components such as Relays & Switches and Automation product such as Sensors & Timers that widely utilized for home appliances, automotive, electronics, energy and Industrial Automation

At OMI, we live up to Omron mission “To improve lives and contribute to a better society”, Work with OMI providing you opportunity to explore your potential and challenge you to innovate that driven by social needs. Omron provides inclusive employment for disabilities and acknowledged as company which promotes women empowerment.

To succeed our expansion, we believe that OMI should growth together with our local Partners, such as PT. Astom Indonesia, PT. Global Shinsei Indonesia and PT. Sansyu Precision Indonesia by providing Job opportunity that allow you to join with us.

A. How to apply :

  1. Each candidate is only allowed to choose maximum 2 job vacancies (OMI & OMI, OMI & Partners, Partners & Partners)

  2. Could you please aware the company code in the front of Job vacancy name to assure which Company that you applied for.

                     Example :

  1. OMI-PD SPV      (Company : Omron Manufacturing of Indonesia)

  2. ASTOM-PD SPV (Company : Astom Indonesia)

  3. GSI-PD SPV         (Company : Global Shinsei Indonesia)

  4. Sansyu-PD SPV  (Company : Sansyu Precision Indonesia)

B. Recruitment Process :

  1. Pre-Selection

  2. Psycho test & 1st Interview

  3. FGD & Final Interview (FGD only for Supervisor Level)

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