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PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk ( “MID”) is a public company listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange, established in 1969 and started commercial operation in 1971. As subsidiary company of Mandom Corporation Japan from Osaka, MID has grown into a significant cosmetic company in Indonesia. Our products with the famous brands like Gatsby, Pixy, Pucelle, Lucido, Lovillea, Tancho, Bifesta, Chibikko, etc has been used by our loving consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries. We also export to Japan, Korea, and Dubai. Moreover, from Dubai our products are re-exported to more than 70 countries in Mid-East and Africa. By the end of 2015, our sales has reached 2.3 trillion rupiah and we have provided jobs for more than 5,000 employees.

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