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A few decades ago, a Chinese‐Indonesian land baron brought from Taiwan to Jawa some seeds of Camellia Sinensis and started to grow a plantation of Oolong tea.At the beginning, skeptics pointed out the differences in climate and soil type that they felt would make this vision impossible to realize. But the results have dispelled the doubting voices as today a quality Oolong tea product is not only sold in over 50 outlets throughout Indonesia but also being exported, proving Indonesia’s climate and soil are capable of producing high quality Oolong tea not only for the local but also for the international market. Jawa Oolong Tea is rich in Polifenol which can highly stimulate Superxide Dismutase (SOD) in our body to work better in detoxyfing free radicals from out body (Polifenol's anti oxidant power is 100 times higher than Vitamin)

About 40 km South of Bogor, West Jawa is the plantation wich has made a dream into reality by sheer hard work. It extends as a valley among three mountains and thanks to excellent weather and fertil soil, this tea plantation is expanding constantly.

The finished appearance of the tea‐rolled up in a tight ball and its deep green colour make it unrivaled among teas. Brewed Oolong tea is a bright golden yellowish colour with a strong and pleasant aroma. When allowed to steep for three or four minutes the rolled leaves unfurl and return to their unprocessed three leaf state kept intact throughout processing. Oolong tea leaves a mellow and long lasting after‐taste.

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