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We are built to serve and established to build. Since founded in 1990 by Hermawan Kartajaya, we consistently aim to develop companies and individuals in the spheres we master best:consulting, marketing research, education, and media community.In present, we have grown to be a leading professional services firm as becoming the competent advisor of strategy and marketing for many business and institutions in Southeast Asia region.

Today’s world where everyone is more connected hence more engaged with each other offers both opportunities and challenges for all businesses, calling for ingenious approach to survive and thrive. MarkPlus, Inc answers this call with the newly launched WOW Marketing which integrate all the previous thoughtleading concepts of the legacy and the New Wave Marketing, make it the most comprehensive marketing framework available to date.

As splendidly presented, MarkPlus, Inc consists of four crucial divisions. MarkPlus, Inc Consulting contains mix of young creative individuals and seasoned expert leaders combining forces to solve problems alongside sage judgment. In research team,MarkPlus, Inc Insight is focusing on marketing and social research to provide reliable information and relevant customer insight. Meanwhile, MarkPlus, Inc Institute’s education system comprises world-class people development solutions through public as well as in-house training programs for our clients. Last but not at all least, Marketeers is the connecting platform for marketing enthusiasts in Indonesia and beyond.

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