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HDE, Inc. is a leading cloud-based security provider in Japan, where our main product, HDE One, owns more than 70% market share. We deliver an additional security layer to companies and organizations that are moving their systems to cloud.
Established in November 1996, HDE is one of the first IT ventures in Japan. Our business has expanded to East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Since we started our business in 1996, we have faithfully worked on how we can make the world better with our new technology.
Our concept of "liberating technology" harbors the hopes that more of our customers can benefit from high-end technology including ours; we believe it can change the world better.
"Accept the present needs and create original but practical solutions." "Invigorate Japanese IT industry and distribute the interest to as many people as possible." These are the first step to our goal, which will prove our desire to the intellectual horizon, as well.
As we have done, we will never stop being creative in the future.

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