Learn from Japanese Society Seminar: Corporate Culture

This Seminar has expired.
29 January 2016
14:00 - 17:00
Ruang 9211 ITB Career Center, GKU Timur ITB Lantai 2
Albertus “Arbee” Prasetyo Heru Nugroho, Indonesia Research Institute (IRI)

Program overview

This is a seminar "Learn from Japanese Society: Corporate Culture"  by Indonesia 総研 (Indonesia Research Institute or IRI).

The speaker talks about how to adapt to working with the people from different background at foreign or multinational company. He, as an Indonesian, shows a lot of examples related to Japanese corporate culture.

Basically, everyone is welcome.  However, we believe you will be really satisfied about the content  if you want to work in Japan in the future!

Speaker Information

Albertus “Arbee” Prasetyo Heru Nugroho
-President Director of IRI-

Arbee came to Japan in 2000 as a Japanese government scholarship student.
He majored Physics in Tokyo University and Japanese in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

After working as an independent consultant and trainer for several years, he co-founded the Indonesia Research Institute in 2011.His writings and analysis about Indonesian market has been published in several business magazines and newspapers in Japan.

Date , Time, and Venue

Friday, 29, January

Afternoon (precise time will be fixed soon)

Presentation Room 9211 ITB Career Center


Registration's closed on 28 January 2016 at 3 pm.


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