PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero)

Internship Assistant to the Secretary General of Mining and Minerals Industry Institute PT INALUM (Persero)

Job Location: Jakarta | Deadline: 24 Mei 2019

Job Description

Reports To            : Secretary General of the Mining and Minerals Industry Institute

LOCATION               :  Jakarta based

DURATION                :  6 Months                                                                   

VACANT POSITION   : 2 People          



Assistant to the Secretary General shall be responsible for the followings:

  1. Arrangement of MMII Advisory Board’s meeting logistics, e.g., setting schedules and venues, getting availability confirmation from the participants and any other necessary logistics;
  2. Preparation of MMII’s presentation materials and any relevant documents, including materials for the MMII Advisory Board’s meetings;
  3. Coordination and communication with various MMII’s stakeholders, including prepare draft MMII’s letters/communication materials;
  4. Monitoring of MMII’s on-going and planned activities under the technical research, policy research and global platform scopes of responsibilities, including provide weekly updates/reports to the Secretary General and Executive Director of MMII
  5. Any and all necessary activities to support the secretariat functions.


  1. Fluent in spoken and written English
  2. Highly proficient in Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point)
  3. Excellent verbal and communication skills
  4. Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities
  5. Ability to learn and apply new concept quickly
  6. Ability to work under pressure
  7. Able to work immediately or with a short notice
Major from:
	1. Hukum
	2. Teknik Industri
	3. Teknik Pertambangan
	4. Teknik Metalurgi/ Material 
	5. Teknik Kimia
	6. Teknik Geologi
	7. Manajemen, Akuntansi, dan jurusan lain yang tergabung dalam Fakultas Ekonomi


  1. Exposure to prominent figures in Mining and Mineral-based Industry
  2. Gain experience working on Mining and Mineral-based Industry
  3. Networking Opportunities with Mining and Mineral-based Industry stakeholders
  4. World Class Hard Skills & Soft Skills Development
  5. Internship Certificate from PT INALUM (Persero)



Other Information

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