PT Bank KEB Hana

PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (”Bank”) was established under the name PT Bank Pasar Pagi Madju based on Deed No. 25 dated April 27, 1971 and has been approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia through Decision Letter No. Y.A.5/189/25 dated May 25, 1974.

As the Bank changed its status and became Commercial Bank, Bank’s name was changed into PT Bank Bintang Manunggal (Bank Bima) based on Decree of Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1306/KMK.013/1989 dated November 30, 1989. In 2007, Hana Financial Group acquired Bank Bima, thus the name was changed into PT Bank Hana through the Decision of Governor of Indonesia's Central Bank No. 10/20/KEP.BI/2008 dated March 18, 2008. Therefore, PT Bank Hana merged with and into PT Bank KEB Indonesia to form PT Bank KEB Hana in 2013.

In one year later, PT Bank KEB Hana was changed and officially became PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia which has been approved by Financial Services Authority (OJK) based on Decree of Board of Commissioners of OJK No. 13/KDK.03/2014 dated June 27, 2014.

Sales Academy (Personal Banker)

Job Location: In any KEB Hana Bank branches | Deadline: 31 Januari 2019


  • Active in english mandatory
  • Bachelor degree in any major
  • Passionate in marketing or sales field
  • Able to convince people in any right way up to purchase the product
  • Having a good interpersonal skill and communication skill
  • Aspire to achieve goals and set targets
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Good attitude, positive behavior and integrity are required as a banker
  • Willing to join with bond service period for 2 (two) years

Other Information

Send your CV to : or via email to ITB Career Center


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