PT. Reasuransi Indonesia Utama (Persero)

Management Trainee (All Engineering Field)

Job Location: None | Deadline: 13 Februari 2017

Job Description

This program aims to encompass best graduates from leading Universities. The top 10% in their class, which continuously shows a boast achievement, enjoy music, art, sports, and believe that the best result can be obtained through teamwork are those who are projected to be candidates of this program.

Candidates will be faced with the most challenging problems in the financial industry as well as interact with the company’s management and involved in programs of evaluation and optimization of the portfolioCandidates are expected to show a unique combination of intellectual acuity and formidable/strong personality.


  •          Have an outstanding academic record with minimum GPA  3.00
  •     Fast Learner and Highly Adaptable in any circumstances or changes
  •     Possess a great proeficiency to conduct a conversation, reading and writing in English is a must.
  •     Have a Great people skill such as Interpersonal and communication Skill
  •     Have a Sharp analytical skill and well-rounded organization skill.
  •     Strive for an excellence as working alone and have a great desire for a teamwork
  •     Demonstrating integrity in every aspect.

Other Information


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