Job Location: None | Deadline: 13 Maret 2016


  1. S1 or S2 engineering students who will graduate before December 2016 or fresh graduates with maximum 2 years of working experience
  2. Min. GPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 GPA scale
  3. Young male & female
  4. Good command of spoken and written English
  5. Adaptable, creative, hard working, independent, self-motivated  
  6. Willing to work under pressure

Other Information

Interested candidates need to register online to

  • For FET position: choose Students & Recent Graduates then Engineering, Research, & Operations then apply for Field Engineer position.
  • Fill out your personal details as complete as possible: E-mail address, mobile phone number, gender, country of residence, university region (choose Other region), university name, course, GPA and Diploma level (choose Bachelor or Master)
  • Upload your CV and transcript in one single PDF file
  • An email with your application number will be sent to you
  • Schlumberger will review your CV and invite the selected candidates to the screening session by e-mail.

Invitation to the screening session will be sent to the selected candidates before Friday, 18th March 2016.

Screening Session will be held on:

  • Day/Date    :  Monday, 21st March 2016
  • Registration:  07:00 – 08:00
  • Screening   :  08:00 - finish
  • 1st Test: English Communication; 2nd Test: Aptitude; 3rd Test: Group Discussion
  • Venue         :  Aula Timur ITB

Please bring a pen and a writing board for the aptitude test.


Register online to
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