PT Paragon Technology and Innovation: Tech Talk

14 October 2019 to 14 October 2019
08:00 - 11:00
Auditorium Sains Campus Center Timur ITB
Perusahaan dan ITBCC

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New technology are adopted at exponential rates, and every aspect of the business needs to be digitised in order to challenge disruption and reimage new business opportunities. Learn the journey of how Paragon as the market leading cosmetics manufacturer embrace the transformation.

Date          : October, 14th 2019
Time          : 08:00 - 11:00
Place          : Auditorium CC Timur ITB
Speakers    : - Jo Yusuf Astra (IT Director of PTI)
                   - Redha Hari Widiaprasetyo (Head of IT Solution Delivery)
                   - Gustav Aditya Permana (IOT Engineer)

Register yourself at (maximum : October, 12th 2019) and also join our recruitment at (recruitment code : 6ac3).  Open for ITB Students from Informatics Engineering, Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering and Engineering Physics.

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