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Nakakin Co., Ltd. has been developing its business based on the mold and casting technology it has cultivated since its founding in 1950. At the same time, it is actively aiming to contribute to a wide range of industries beyond the boundaries of its industry, and is growing as a "manufacturing" company based on development, technology, and quality. In the industrial precision machinery business, industrial rotary pumps are the main product, and the company has received patronage mainly from the beverage and food industries. In the light alloy business, the company supports the automobile industry through the manufacture of prototypes and mass-produced parts for automobile engine parts. In mold manufacturing, the automobile industry is the main focus, but we also propose molds that satisfy many customers in other industries. In both businesses, we have established an integrated production system and strive to improve customer satisfaction by pursuing high quality, short delivery times, and low costs. We have also established production and sales bases overseas to promote global manufacturing. Please take advantage of Nakakin's technical capabilities, which have earned the trust of customers in a wide range of industries for over 70 years. We are confident that we can be of service to you, and we promise that all of our employees will work to the best of their ability to meet your expectations.

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