General Electric: "Unimpossible Missions, The University Edition"

GE - Unimpossible Mission

"Because, you can't catch lighting in a bottle... right?"

General Electric is launching a global open innovation challenge Unimpossible Missions: The University Edition aimed at students who want to make a difference in the world. To advance science, push the boundaries of human knowledge and do things that others never thought possible.

GE is committed to solving the world’s problems – no matter how challenging they might seem. And they’re offering three internships at one of their Global Research Centers and a scholarship to the most ambitious student who shares their goal.

To win, a student needs to come up with the next experiment for their series of Unimpossible Missions, which you can watch (Catching Lightning in a Bottle, Like Talking to a Wall, A Snowball’s Chance in Hell).

If their idea is chosen, it’ll be filmed and used for the next installment.  I hope they’ll take advantage of this fun opportunity to make people rethink what can be done in the world – and advance their career in the process. The competition is opened to all discipline.

You’ll find more about Unimpossible Missions: The University Edition here.

The contest launches April 19, with submissions due by June 14, 2016.

Thank you and we're looking forward to your participation!


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