Konsultasi Bisnis Gratis dari CIEL SBM

Is your Business headed in the right direction?

Do you have the right infrastructure to grow your business?

Do you have a right strategic business plan?

Does your team love to work for you?

Do you enjoy a great work/life balance?


Can you answer YES! to all of the questions above?


If not, you’re like most business owners, and we are here to be your Small Business Hero!


CIEL-SBM ITB works together with our Prominent Consultants give you:

SMEs Clinic has solution to help you achieve your growing goals



For Student who has business and interested in growing together with SMEs Clinic, we provide you:


Prominent consultants who are experienced in your industry - proven successful business people from a diverse range of industries, who are passionate about helping other small businesses.


The skills you need - knowledge and understanding specific to your business needs. Quality Assured - our consultants undergo on-going training to ensure you get the best possible help.


Our consultants help you by:

  • Sharing their knowledge and expertise
  • Bringing a fresh perspective, acting as a sounding board
  • Working with you to grow your business 
  • Seeing ‘the bigger picture’
  • Assisting with Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting you in your decision making


The destiny in your own Hands.


Apply your BUSINESS now you get FREE CONSULTATION from our Prominent Consultants.


Get Free Consultation start from May - July 2014


You can fill it out online: http://bit.ly/klinikbisnis


Please fill the formto grow your business together with SMEs Clinic no later than April 13, 2014. 


Inquiries? Email us to klinikukmciel@sbm-itb.ac.id


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