KDI School of Public Policy & Management (Korea): Graduate Study & Scholarship Opportunity 2014

Greetings ftom the Korea Development Institute (KDI) School of Public Policy and Management in Korea! We are an international graduate school offering Master's and PhD programs in two specialized areas: Public Policy and Development Policy. And now we are seeking a greater representation from Indonesia this year to join the programs in Spring 2014 Admissions.  We're also offering full scholarship for the outstanding potential candidates in your country!

You can find the further informations on our website: admissions.kdischool.ac.kr and our Facebook account: www.facebook.com/KDISofficial.

*Booklet available in ITB Career Center. 

KDI School Spring 2014 Admissions Brochure 1



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KDI School Spring 2014 Admission Brochure 1.jpg

KDI School Spring 2014 Admission Brochure 2.jpg


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