HamMUN 2013 Invitation: Hamburg Models United Nations

Taking Sustainability Seriously
Resolutions for Environmental Balance, Peace, and Social Justice

Civilization’s central challenge today is to ensure that rapid globalization becomes a positive force for all peoples of present and future generations. Yet, the continuous striving for material welfare is threatening environmental systems as well as the supply of natural resources. Humanity’s demographic and economic growth on a limited planet has devastating impacts: it creates global inequities, conflicts over scarce resources and territorial insecurity. Our awareness has already been raised for a need of a radical, transformative shift– but effective political commitment needs to be renewed. In order to find and write forceful resolutions on sustainability, this conference will focus on five mutually dependent dimensions of sustainable development.

To shape this debate, the specialized bodies simulated will link the following key elements:

  1. Peace and Security
  2. Social Transformation
  3. World Development
  4. Globalization
  5. Environment and Resources


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